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About Sunstruct.

Exclusive. Innovative. Professional.

We're a company that orchestrates and provides superior quality products and services.

We build. We manage everything for you from permits and budgets, to on-site construction, monthly progress reports and inspections. We keep our ‘control team’ small and focused on the construction milestones and objectives. We make sure you get the best-of-the-best at all stages of your building project, using the expertise and the resources at our disposal to provide everything you need through the one point of contact.

Sunstruct is a company dedicated to delivering this valuable service that takes responsibility for all aspects of a construction project. Ours is a tight team of experts, each displaying similar professional and scrupulously ethical attitudes, and we orchestrate their skills for optimum results.

Apartment Development Gallagher Terrace Kedron

Renovation - 5 luxury townhouses Morningside

Sunco Jeep Showroom Sugar Road Maroochydore